What we offer

Good sound + Good screen + Thousand of songs

路 We have thousands of karaoke songs in English. We have also have it in Spanish, German, Dutch, French and some in Russian, .. Here you can a good part of it.

路 The screen is 1,80 x 1,80 centimeters and With a high tech projector Full HD with minimum 2800 lumens.

We work with a perfect sounds system and, we equalize each singer voice so they only can sound good!聽Please take in consideration that technology聽 also have limits 馃槈 聽Never less, we work near the limit to make it possible.


How we do it

This always depence of the audience. Let麓s see some different options:

Nonstop Karaoke Party

If we have the feedback that the audience love to sing, we play nonstop karaoke songs, one after another without breaks. The microphones always are ready with the stand in front the big screen ready for it.

One + one Karaoke Songs

Just that, one your friends come to us and tell us what she/he wants to sing. We play it and that麓s it, easy.

Dance + Karaoke Party

Is a mix between the other options. We play per example 30 minutes dance music (From Motown, 80麓s, 90.s, .. until the last hit charts. In that time we have a list of singers and we play it Nonstop another 30 minutes.



To check the date availability please send us a email to services@mallorcabeats.com

If we are available, you need to close the booking with the payment of the 50% of your booking fees. This amount will be deducted from the final bill. The balance needs to be paid not less than one week before the event.

Karaoke Songs

Please tell us witch option do you prefer more:
路 Nonstop Karaoke Party
路 One + one Karaoke Songs
路 Dance + Karaoke Party.

We will request you a small list from about 25 karaoke songs so we are ensure that we have what you like to sing. In case you have choose “Dance + Karaoke Party”, also 25 songs that you will to dance.

Tell us where, and at what time you want to start and that麓s it.