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About me

I´m a professional DJ with more than 15 years of experience. I have performed in different Clubs, Hotels all over Spain. Since 1999 I´m based in Mallorca. 80% of my jobs are Weddings from many different countries like from the UK, Germany, Sweden, France, Lithuania, Spain, ...

I´m Dutch, but I grew up under the sun in Ibiza and moved to Mallorca later. I speak different languages: English, German, Italian, Spanish, and dutch. That makes me easy to communicate with your family and friends.

I have all the business papers in order (autónomo), and I have had Public liability insurance.

You can see some photos and videos on instagram icon Instagram (I just start using it so you will more photos and videos soon).

Wedding DJ Packages

  • Party DJ Services

    Party DJ

    950€ / 4 hours

    • Sound and party lights included
    • If you also want me to play music in the cocktail or dinner area, cost 50€/hour
    • You can add extra Party DJ hours for 150€/hour
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  • Sound hire & Party DJ


    150€ + 950€/3hours

    • JBL Sound & wireless mic. rental
    • Party DJ Services for 4 hours
    • You can add extra Party DJ hours for 150€/hour
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  • Full DJ Services

    Full DJ Services

    1500€ (for 8 hours)

    • Ceremony (sound, music & wireless microphone incl.).
    • Cocktail (sound & music)
    • Dinner (sound, wireless microphone,music incl.).
    • Party DJ Services for 4 hours inc. sound & Party lights incl.
    • You can add extra Pary DJ hours for 150€/hour.
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Any doubt? Need help?

Please contac me: Call me icon +34 687036219 / Send me a Whatsapp icon WhatsApp / telegram-icon icon Telegram / Send email iconEmail / Contact form Contact Form

Party DJ Services

After a nice emotional and relaxing dinner its Party Time! This package includes:

  • Sound, light, DJ Equipment, and DJ Services.
  • You can add extra hours (150€/hour), and you can decide them at the last minute during the party.
  • I always request a playlist with your favourite music songs & styles. Your family & friends are all welcome to make music request.

Pack Sound rental & Party DJ

This package includes:

  • Sound & Mic. rental: JBL 615 with 15" sound system with a wireless microphone Shure PG58 (perfect for speeches & announcements).
  • I install the equipment (10 minutes) and explain how it works to the person in charge (50 seconds).
  • Easy to use, easy to move. All the cables and power extensions are included.
  • Before I leave the location, I pick up the equipment.
  • Party DJ Services includes a sound and light system and all the music you want me to play. You can get extra hours for 100€ each.

Pack Full DJ Services (8hours)

This package includes:

  • Ceremony 1 hour: Sound equipment + wireless microphone + music for the special moments.
  • Cocktail 1 hour: Ambient music like chill out, typical Spanish acoustic songs, ...
  • Dinner 3 hours: Nice ambient music, like romantic songs, acoustic songs, .. and wireless microphone for speeches.
  • Wedding DJ Services (3 hours). You can add extra hours until the sun rises for 150€/hour.


You can add any extra equipment when you fill the Booking Form.

  • Proyector and screen


    Projector and screen (98 inches) for 100€.

  • Floor lights (4) for 75€


    It looks great on walls, shrubbery and threes

  • 2x Vertical smoke machine for 100€

    2x Vertical Party smoke machine

    2x Vertical Party smoke machine wiht leds, 100€.

  • Floor lights (cable) for 75€


    It looks great on walls and threes.

    Cable floor lights pack (4) for 75€


It Is essential that you send me a playlist with all your favourite songs (around 25?) and all the special songs for the special moments for the ceremony, cocktail, dinner. All your family and friends are welcome to make music requests. I love to play “ that song”, which makes your family & friends have a good time on the dance floor.

I play any music style: Motown, Funky, 70´s, 80´s, 90´s hits, Pop Rock, Folk, R&B, Garage, D&B, Latin music, Disco, House, Techno,... And whatever style of music you want me to play, ¡you are the boss!

Music quality: I use the best music quality possible (FLAC in most cases) for all the classics and recent hits so you can appreciate all the sound details from each song.

My Party DJ Set 2021

My DJ Set up 2021

No cables around, clean look and, no stands in the party set up. Have a clean and elegant set up is always my priority so it looks great in any picture!

Sound, lights & DJ Gear

  • Sound: I use the best sound speakers in the market in the party area: 2x Pioneer XPRS 15” with 2400W peak / 1200 RMS each one. Crystal clear sound with a powerful Woofer.
  • DJ Gear: Once again, I choose Pioneer DJ for my set up. I use two different options depending on the situation: Primary DJ Set: Pioneer CDJ 3000 & DJM s11 & Pioneer XDJ RX2 as a Secondary DJ Set.
  • Lights: Two-Party lights set with 8 multicoloured lights and a led bar will make you feel you are in a club! You can also add more lights effects like the vertical Duo smoke machine with LEDs for just 75€ on the booking form.

My 2021 Set for Ceremoy, Cocktail & Dinner

My ccd Set up 2021

Sound & Microphones

  • Sound: I love to use a pair of BOSE PRO S1 speakers. These are battery-powered speakers, so everything looks clean and nice. In case there is a huge number of guest at your wedding, I will use two speakers, JBL 615, with 1000w /500 RMS each.
  • Microphones: For Ceremony and speeches, I use the Wireless microphone Shure PG 58, with good sound quality and excellent connection range. In case we need it, a professional cable microphone Shure SM58 will always be available.

How it works

1. Booking

You can fill this Booking Form and select the DJ Service you're looking for or write us an email to Please add the date and the wedding schedule program.

2. Videocall & Coffee

We can meet in person drinking a coffee in any nice cafeteria facing the sea or we can Facetime, Skype, Whatsapp Video, Telegram, ... and talk about the event without any commitment.

3. Booking confirmation

I will send you a link with full access to an online document from Google Drive. Os this document, we can add all the details from your wedding, so nothing gets lost, and everything is clear (event location, playlist links, special request, ceremony special songs, ..).

To confirm the booking, I require the payment of 50% of the total amount from the DJ Services that you have selected. The remaining amount can be paid in cash on the event day or by bank transfer (one week before the event).

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Cancelation conditions

DJ Services. Cancelation conditions

Cancelation fees are calculated as follows:

  • Free cancellation until 180 days before the event date: I will refund the 100% from the transferred amount (bank charges may be deducted).
  • From 179 until 90 days before the event date: I will refund 50% of the total amount that has been transferred (bank charges may be deducted).
  • From 89 days until the event date (or no show): 100% of the total charge. Special condition for DJ Services: if I get the book for another event on the same day after you have let me know that you cancel your event, I will refund 50% of the total amount transferred (bank charges can be deducted).


This is the most frequent asked questions. I hope it helps:

  • How many equipments are included in the full DJ Services? Two full equipments, no breaks.
  • At what do you arrive at the location? I arrive 2 hours before the start of the event. Be on time, check that everything works perfect, and be ready your guest arrival is essential.
  • Raining: How much time do you need to move the equipment from one location to another? I need around 5 minutes to move the equipment.
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